About Me

Ju with fox earrings - profile picJu lives in Melbourne, Australia with two of her partners. She’s very much the kind of person where, what you see is what you get. ¬†She has lots of whimsy, a fascination with the intersections of culture, the ordinary and invisibility, as well as an aspiration to be owned by cats.

Her passions include intersectional feminism, diversity, equality, books and reading – especially speculative fiction, fandom, cookery and food. The purpose of this blog is the sharing of and reflection on these passions.

Labels she currently appreciates (but does not feel limited by) include, polyamorous, pansexual, genderqueer (pronouns she/her/they), neurotypical, able-bodied, feminist, cultural theorist, midwife, conversationalist, geek, fangirl, not to mention an appreciator of fine coffee, tea, wine and gin.

Ultimately, she’d describe herself as a sensualist with a heart as wide as starlight.